Dec, 2016


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AAA Services Group, experts in the field of heavy truck repair service California, have years of experience and expertise and advise us regarding the importance of preventative maintenance (PM) services. Maintenance of any vehicle can be classified under two categories, proactive or reactive. Proactive maintenance is the one which is pre-scheduled as an attempt to perform various checks, tests and inspections to detect and remove any potential issues in any part of the the vehicle, be it its engine, gearbox, braking, body of the vehicle etc. Reactive maintenance is the one where an unexpected breakdown happens and the vehicle is repaired.

AAA Services Group have been providing truck repair service California and speaking from experience, after designing, scheduling and executing endless number of projects on truck repairs and maintenance both proactive and reactive, we conclude and recommend preventative maintenance services for many reasons. Firstly, by getting timely checkups done, unexpected breakdown can be avoided extensively. This also increases the availability of the vehicle and hence results in more productivity. Secondly, keeping all components of a vehicle in a working condition increases the lifespan of those components and of the vehicle as well. Thirdly, through our truck repair service California, we establish that preventative maintenance is less expensive than repair post breakdown. Equipment replacements and repairing damaged components involves higher labor costs and other charges while fixing a mild issue is quite affordable.

When performing a PM, a checklist should be prepared and maintained for record and convenience. Some very important items to be checked are engine oil and filter changes, transmission fluid, fuel system, cooling system, engine and transmission mounts, drive shafts or CV joints, belts and hoses, tune-ups, electrical system components, braking system, steering and suspension system, tires, wheels, and rims, exhaust system, undercarriage and frame, exterior and interior lights, body, glass, and mirrors, windshield wiper system, horn, seat-belts and seat structures, fluid leaks, and auxiliary systems.

The first person responsible for efficient execution of preventative maintenance services is the driver of the vehicle. The driver should keep a close watch while driving as well as

conduct physical inspection of the vehicle and any unusual changes should be brought to the notice of the technician. Normally, PM services can be delivered by an in- house technician or can be outsourced to a local but experienced truck service workshop. In- house technician should have proper training to conduct PM services and maintain records.

AAA Services Group takes orders that are being outsourced and provides excellent truck repair service California. We excel in delivering effective preventative maintenance services. We use latest softwares, tools and equipment and cater to individuals as well as help you maintain your fleet.