Transmission Rebuilding & Repair

Transmission Rebuilding & Repair

A vehicle’s transmission is the most complex component of an engine. It enables gear shifting that influences the speed- torque ratio and gives power to the wheels based on the speed of the car. A transmission can be either manual or automatic. A manual transmission requires fewer tools and involves less labor cost because it is a simplified unit. An automatic transmission, on the other hand, is highly complex, requires specialized tools and technically qualified technicians which increase their repair cost. Our team at AAA Services Group offers the best transmission repair services in los banos California and specializes in rebuilding and repairing all kinds of transmission be it manual, automatic, continuously variable (CVT) or semi-automatic, dual clutch transmission (DCT).
The life of a transmission depends on more on the driver of the vehicle than its manufacturer. Although it does not require too much care, yet time to time servicing and keeping a close eye on anything unusual happening in the gearbox may go a long way and give you a well-functioning transmission system throughout the lifetime of the vehicle. We mention below some of the most common reasons for transmission failure caused due to human negligence.

    • Low Transmission Fluid

Hydraulics are the essence of an automatic transmission. The optimum level of fluid is required to maintain the transmission’s temperature, provide adequate lubrication and fluid pressure. A low fluid level makes the transmission overwork and makes it overheated which is detrimental to its functioning.

    • No Servicing

A transmission does not require to be serviced too often. Once in every 2-5 years is sufficient, depending on the usage of the vehicle, the temperature at which it is driven, the driving manner of the driver, the load that the vehicle carries, etc. However, when it is due, it should be serviced and any unwanted changes should be rectified. Our excellent truck and trailer repair services California include thorough diagnosis and servicing of all kinds of transmissions.

    • Wrong Transmission Fuel

Different transmissions require different types of automatic transmission fluids (ATF). Many people believe that the same ATF can be used in any transmission. However, ATFs have different viscosity and additives added. Therefore, the right ATF will increase the efficiency of your transmission and the wrong one will cause serious damage.

    • Overheated Transmission

The transmission should be running at optimum temperature at all times. Any unwanted increase in the temperature of the transmission can cause great damage to it. A transmission’s lifespan is reduced by 50% if it gets heated by 20 degrees above its optimum level.

    • Not Driving with Awareness

The driver of the vehicle should at all times be aware when driving. Any unusual changes such as difficulty in changing the gear, noise in the gearbox, shaking of the vehicle, gear not being applied etc. are common mishaps and important to be rectified as soon as possible.

AAA Services Group delivers truck and transmission repair service in Los Banos, California and has advanced knowledge, tools, and technology to repair any type of transmission of a vehicle.

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