Dec, 2016

Which RV is for you?

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A recreational vehicle, commonly known as RV, is a motor vehicle which has been modified into a mobile home. It has all amenities required for a basic living such as a bed, water supply, generator, kitchenette and a bathroom. Some RV’s are modified into mobile offices like aaa services group for those who have the need to work while traveling.

RVs can range from anywhere between having basic level necessities like power supply and water supply to ultimate luxuries like TV, lounge or bar. Depending on your needs, level of comfort and your budget, you can either buy it from famous RV manufacturers or invest your time and money into getting one customized according your personal taste and preferences.

RVs are a great purchase for all those people who love to travel and want to cut down on their budget. By cutting down on airfare, hotel stay and restaurant bills, a traveler can reduce their traveling expenses by a whopping 30-60%. The idea of traveling this way is also quite fascinating for those who are adventures or those who love solitude.

There are different types of RVs, so before buying, it is important to analyze which one solves your purpose and suits you the most. Following are the main categories of RVs:

    • Class A Motorhome

The most spacious and luxurious RVs, these are usually built on a heavy truck’s or a bus’s chassis. Their main drawbacks are that they are expensive and are a little difficult to maneuver on narrow or broken roads.

    • Class B Motorhome

A class B motorhome is built on a conventional van and is not as big as a class A. It has high utility and is easily drivable but the drawbacks here are that it cannot accommodate more that 1 or 2 people and it is also expensive.

    • Class C Motorhome

Built on a truck’s or van’s chassis, class C are usually smaller than class A motorhomes. A separate small trailer can be towed with this RV to create more space. A class C is a good option if you cannot afford a class A.

    • Truck Camper

A truck camper has a unit mounted into the base of a pickup truck. This makes it safe from extra movement caused in trailers that are attached to trucks separately. Truck campers are mostly used by hunters, fishermen, or individuals on a short trip.

    • Pop Up Camper

A pop up camper, also known as a tent camper, has a trailer with a solid roof and walls that collide when unfolded. Its benefits are that this trailer occupies less space, it is light weight and is also less expensive.

    • Travel Trailer

A travel trailer is the most practical and the most sold RV out of all the different types. It is available in different sizes and has a wide range of facilities right from basic to luxurious at AAA services group. A travel trailer has an easy setup and any unit can be attached to it according to your requirements.

  • Fifth- Wheel Trailer

A fifth- wheel trailer is a separate trailer designed to be attached to the bed of a pickup van or a truck. The total length of the vehicle gets shortened because the trailer overlaps the the bed of the truck. It is spacious and becoming increasing popular among RV enthusiasts due to its detachable feature.


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