Our Services


AAA Services Group provides 24 hour auto repair services in los banos, California. We deliver services for all kinds of small, medium and heavy duty trucks, buses, RVs, reefers, trailers etc. Our goal is to keep your vehicles safe and in working condition. We understand your requirement of keeping your vehicles error free so that they are able to operate for maximum time and run on minimum operational costs. Our auto repair services range from performing basic level repairs, engine oil change, preventive maintenance service, transmission repair, rebuilding and complete engine overhauls. If your vehicle is not functioning properly and have a problematic engine, we can inspect and repair it. Our team of skilled mechanics can repair any vehicle by using computerized inspection and diagnosis tools. We do the in-depth analysis when we perform preventative maintenance services. We recommend preventative maintenance services so that you can avoid avoid unexpected breakdowns while on the road and increase the lifespan of your engine and vehicle overall. Preventative maintenance costs even less than repairing a faulty vehicle in most cases. AAA Services Group also takes care of your fleet. Brakes, engine, electrical or diagnostic; we are qualified and dedicated to keeping them all in good working condition. Not only are we technically skilled, we focus on customer satisfaction. Our team knows how to understand your problem and communicates from time to time repair updates.

Our 24-hour auto repair services in California ensure that no matter where you pull over in California, we will be right there and get you moving again as soon as possible. Our team reaches you as soon as possible with the right set of tools and with aim of getting you back on the road in no time.

Following are the vehicles which we repair, service and provide preventive maintenance services for:
– Heavy Truck
– Pickup Van
– Bus
– RV and Motor Home
– Reefer
– Trailer

We do practically anything and everything to get your vehicle moving again. Mentioned here are only our main services, we provide many more.