Computerized Axle Alignments

Computerized Axle Alignments


A proper alignment means that all the wheels of a vehicle move in the same direction. Around 70% to 80% of heavy duty vehicles have wheels that are not aligned. The main reason for this is that people get their trucks aligned long after they are misaligned. A truck should get aligned routinely as a part of preventative maintenance 2 to 3 times every year or every 50,000 to 60,000 miles. AAA Services Group provides the best truck alignment services California. Camber, toe or caster, we do computerized alignment, and fix all the issues that are causing misalignment.

Misalignment has many damaging effects, such as:

  • Worn Out Tires
    Misalignment causes a vehicle to pull towards left or right instead of freely rolling the wheels straight. Misalignment also causes the tires of a vehicle to wear out faster and they have a risk to skid due to less friction.
  • Fuel Inefficiency– Misalignment causes rolling resistance which increases the fuel consumption as well.
  • Unsafe Vehicle Handling– When the tires of the vehicle are being pulled in other directions other than smoothly rolling straight, then the driver of the vehicle needs to be more careful at the time of driving. Also, worn out tires increase the risk of skidding which makes the driver more prone to accidents.
  • Worn Out Suspension– Smooth roads are ideal for a vehicle. Bumpy roads, deep holes and rough surfaces put extreme pressure on the tires of the vehicle, misaligned them and damage their suspension.

Our truck alignment tire services California are precise and reliable. A computerized wheel balancing equipment is mounted on the wheel and the wheel is spun to measure the weight imbalance in the wheel and tire assembly. Corrections are made by adding weight in the required areas, until the tires and wheels are properly balanced and you can experience a more controlled drive. This even increases the life of your tires.