Air Conditioning & Heating Service

Air Conditioning & Heating System

A vehicle’s air conditioning and heating system’s diagnosis involves too many components, processes, and checks. Our team performs a complete and professional check of your vehicle’s air conditioning and heating system. Air conditioning and heating system repair services include:

  • Radiators
  • Pistons moving at a high speed cause a lot of heat and friction. In order to keep the engine cool, radiators are used. Radiators are heat exchangers which have hot coolant running through it to transmit heat into the air.

    • Transmission Coolers
    • A vehicle’s transmission gets overheated easily if the vehicle is overloaded, applying break and racing the vehicle repeatedly, being driven in a very hot climate or the vehicle tends to overheat generally. Therefore, transmission cooling oil is used to keep the transmission’s temperature low.

      • Thermostats
      • A thermostat responds to the temperature of an engine and controls the release of the coolant oil accordingly. If the temperature of the engine rises, the valves of the thermostat open, and allow more coolant to pass through the engine. In the case of a dysfunctional thermostat, the valve gets stuck in either an open position or a closed position, thus, stressing the engine with unusual temperatures and causing it damage.

        • Water Pumps
        • Water pumps supply coolant to the engine from the radiator and help the engine in maintaining its ideal temperature. If the water pump stops functioning efficiently, it may not be able to control the coolant’s supply, affecting the engine’s operation.

          • Heater
          • It supplies warm air into the vehicle, for the driver’s and the passenger’s comfort. A faulty heating system in the car can be detected by a foul smell in the warm air; cold air being supplied when the heater is turned on; less supply of warm air than what is ideal, etc.

            AAA Services Group executes a detailed and a thorough diagnosis of any heavy duty vehicle’s air conditioning and heating system. Our skilled team makes precise corrections using the current tools and technology.

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